Letter from the Superintendent

Parents, This morning ( August 31, 2015) in the southeast corner of the district, near Kingsville, a man in his late 30's or early 40's, in a black truck, attempted to convince a student to get in the truck with him while she was waiting on the bus.  The man told the student that the bus had broken down, which it had not. Fortunately, the student handled the situation appropriately and is safe. Please discuss . . .

Aug 31, 2015

Box Top's for Education


  The next time you are at Sam's Club and pick up three or more Box Top   items, please complete the attached form and mail it in and you will   receive an email with a code worth 100 to 400 box tops for our school!!!   That is $10 to $40 dollars for our school to use to improve the   . . .

School Supply Lists

The school supply lists can be found under either the High School or Elementary tabs, or by clicking on the links below. High School Supply List Elementary Supply List

Aug 6, 2015